Robstown High School

Congratulations, Dr. Vidaurri, Regional Superintendent of the Year!
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My name is Guadalupe M. Meador and I teach English II/ English II PAP. I have a B. A. with a double major in English and Psychology with a minor in Spanish and an M. S. in Counseling and Guidance. I have been teaching for almost 21 years and have taught every grade level from kindergarten to college. I look forward to making new memories in learning with your student. The following are just a few aspects that your student will be expected to be familiar with in my class.

Year at a glance:
Welcome to English II, Reading: The themes we will be adventuring through this school year will be: Legends, Myths, Heroes, Self-Discovery, and From Ancient Beliefs to our Own, Justice, Putting it all together and Coming of Age.

1. Be on Time
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Prepared
4. Be Electronic Free
5. Be Productive

Class Procedures
1. Get needed materials and sharpen pencils when you walk into the classroom.
2. Begin and complete Warm-Up at the beginning of class.
3. 3 Restroom Passes throughout the six weeks.
4. Turn in assignments on time (Grading Guidelines as per Student Handbook will be followed).
5. Assignments must be completed in black or blue ink, or in pencil.

1. 4 Different Color Highlighters
2. 2 Inch Binder
3. Notebook Paper
4. Pen (Black or Blue) or Pencil
5. Brad Pitt Folder
6. Spiral Notebook