Robstown Early College High School

Robstown Early College High School is home to the Proud Cotton Pickers and The Big Red Band from Picker Land.          "Inspiring tomorrows LEADERS, today!" GO RED!!!

Scholarship Information

Free money for college
Everyone could use some FREE Money for college!!
Below are the forms and links for all of the Scholarships Seniors can apply for this school year. Check them out and apply today. Don't forget a few things:
1. Sign up on and - These websites use the profiles you create to customize scholarship opportunities just for you. These will open the door to so many more opportunities to find more money to help with college costs.
2. Make sure to complete your FAFSA application as soon as possible to guarantee your highest possible amount in FREE Pell Grant money. 
3. You can always see Ms. McComb, Ms. Thelma Vasquez, or any of the counselors for help on applying for scholarships. Our English teachers are also great resources to help look over your scholarship essays.  
4. Make sure to let Ms. McComb know when you receive a scholarship, your Pell Grant information, and where you will be attending college. We keep track so we can celebrate all of our students successes!