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Syllabus – Technical Writing 2014-2015

“For every worthwhile endeavor, there is a body of knowledge that must be mastered and employed…”
Dr. Clarence Edmonds Hemingway
Year at a glance:
Themes for each six week session are: Legends, Myths, and Heroes, The Unexpected, From Ancient Beliefs to our Own, Power, Targeting Assessed Student Expectations, and Global Issues.

• Be in your seat, working on the warm up by the time the tardy bell rings.
• Listen carefully. Questions are encouraged, but do not talk while the teacher is instructing.
• Follow directions.
• Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working. When working in groups, use a one-inch voice. This means your group members can hear you, but people across the room cannot.
• Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
• Respect school and personal property.
• Work and play safely.
• Leave your area neat and clean.
• Hold your trash until the end of class, then put it in the trash can on your way out.
• Be on time, respectful, prepared, electronic free, & productive.

• Every day, there will be a warm up exercise and an agenda on the board.
• Your first assignment is to begin the editing or journaling assignment, and you are expected bring a library book every day.
• After the warm-up lesson, we will begin the day’s lesson.
• Dismissals are not from the bell; therefore, remain seated until the teacher dismisses the class.

Grading Breakdown:

Daily work: 40%
Warm – ups, journals, timed writings, readings, grammar & other exercises

Tests: 60%
Essays, projects, research, presentations, timed writings