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Mrs. Lisa Spivey

Lisa Spivey






Dear Robstown Early College High School Community, 

As the newly appointed Director of Early College, with over 23 years of experience in education, I have dedicated myself to creating invaluable opportunities for students to excel.


I began my journey as a middle school teacher, where the impact I made on the lives of students led me to pursue roles as a high school counselor and later as a high school assistant principal, where I further honed my leadership skills. 


Driven by my unwavering commitment to student growth, I embarked on a career path that ultimately led me to my current role as the Director of Early College. In this position, I have become a driving force behind empowering students to seek higher education and attain valuable college credits while still in high school.


My vision and innovation have revolutionized the educational landscape, establishing dual credit programs that allow students to thrive in their academic pursuits. By creating avenues for students to take college-level courses within the high school campus, I have bridged the gap between secondary and higher education, providing countless opportunities for success.


I look forward to another successful year with our Early College Scholars as they continue to surpass their goals and Rep the Town!